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Tuesday 21st October, 2014
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INSA Graduate School.
We prepare you for top international careers.
Our goal is to offer top-level


for non French-speaking students.

A two years education plan
First year : all lectures will be taught in English in both programmes
(Information Systems, Embedded Systems and Medical Image Engineering)
Second year : admission with selection to one out 2 specialisations (Computer
Science, Electrical Engineering), main lectures will be taught in French

Main features of the INSA Graduate School
- Study in English,
- Experience French culture,
- Prepare for R&D at an international level.

In addition to academic level, admission to INSA Graduate School is granted based on an entrance examination, diplomas, academic record and possible interview.

To apply to one of our INTERNATIONAL MASTERS Degrees, you need to:
  • be a graduate at the L level in the European LMD system (structure defined by the Bologna European Higher Education Space agreement), or
  • be a graduate with any equivalent degree as Bachelor, or
  • be attending the fourth year of a graduation course in the field you are interested in.

INSA Graduate School of Science and Technology offers accomodation services. Services staff can help with all issues relating to campus and privately rented accomodation. On the campus you will find several kinds of restaurants from traditional cafeterias to salad bars and steak houses.

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